Jason Magers, LMFT

My Practice


It's great to meet you!

As your therapist, I provide a a safe space for healing emotional pain and conflict, as well as provide a non-judgmental therapeutic setting for personal exploration towards the most authentic you.  I have years of experience treating relationship conflict, substance use, depression, and anxiety. 

How do I do therapy?

My clinical view is that we are each responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and that nobody can make us think, feel, or behave in any way. I also know that this can be easily forgotten when in relationships, whether they are with recent or long term significant others or your closest family members. When things get tough, we can forget the innate strengths that we already have within us, which is where I as a therapist can help. 

Instead of giving you quick solutions to whatever you're going through, I believe it's more useful to guide you to your own solutions that you may have forgotten along the way. As a result of teaming together, you may even come to realize new solutions that you never thought of before. The point is, your own wisdom about yourself and your capabilities, when patiently cultivated, will likely take you farther than any quick solution I could give. 

What am I like?

I'm very down to earth with a sense of humor. My therapeutic style is active and engaging. I utilize reflective listening, strategic inquiry, and strategies for changing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. I am all about promoting your path to healing in the most respectful way. That being said, therapy doesn't have to be so serious all the time! I will also be direct with you if I notice that something about your experience isn't supporting your goals. With couples, I strive to be fair when sorting through the issues, so that one partner is not left feeling like they are being singled out. Call (408) 800-7305 to get started!


Master of Arts - Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University

Bachelor of Science - Psychology, Palo Alto University